Red and near-infrared light (NIR) therapies are one of the most significant breakthrough discoveries in health in the last 50 years. Yet most people have never heard of them!

Red and infrared light are part of the light spectrum, found in sun and firelight. These wavelengths of light are bioactive, meaning they affect how our cells function. We know our bodies need vitamins, minerals and nutrients, but most people don't realise our cells need adequate light of specific wavelengths to stay healthy too. People who spend most of their lives inside under artificial light put themselves at risk of ill-health – it's another form of malnutrition, known as mal-illumination.

Red and NIR therapies work to increase energy production in your cell’s mitochondria and build up the cell’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory defence systems. We have both infrared saunas and VieLight technology at the Bounce Matters clinic.

In over 3000 scientific studies so far, red and NIR light have been shown to:

Increase energy production

Modulate inflammation

Combat ageing

Make skin healthier and reduce wrinkles by enhancing collagen and elastin production

Improve cellulite

Speed up fat loss

Improve muscle recovery and athletic performance

Improve mood and cognition

Speed injury healing

Improve metabolism and hormonal health