Remember those days when you
thought you were unstoppable?

Your mind was like a clear blue sky — not a sign of fog on the radar. You could power through a giant to-do list during the day and still have the energy for the gym or a night out…

These days there are times you forget your own coffee order or where you parked your car. You can’t count on your brain to be there for you, whether you need it for a crucial meeting, a final exam or even just to function for day-to-dayactivities.


Recharging your brain’s
tiny power stations

Unlock the power within your body's 37 trillion cells with Vie Light Therapy, specifically the Vie Light Neuro Gamma. Imagine revitalizing your mitochondria, the energy powerhouses of your cells, using cutting-edge technology. Infections, toxins, and stress can dim the lights on your brain, affecting your overall well-being. Our advanced Vie Light therapy aids in the repair process, ensuring your mitochondria operate at peak performance.

Your mitochondria can make small repairs to themselves, but when they need outside help, the problems become serious.

Without enough fully functioning mitochondria, your brain can’t produce the energy it needs to perform. Brain fog kicks in, you forget the page you just read; that word right on the end of your tongue isn’t there… suddenly you can’t put a name to the most familiar face.

How can you send your
brain the help it needs?

Your brain’s mitochondria are incredibly self-sufficient, but sometimes even the most resourceful systems need to call in reinforcements.

The VieLight Neuro Gamma and X-Plus are headsets designed specifically to restore mitochondria. They do that by sending a key nutrient to recharge the mitochondria powering the cells in your brain and your blood, without the damaging side-effects of some medications.


VieLight sends near infra-red (NIR) light directly into your brain and bloodstream. Like a resupply convoy, this infrared light transports photons packed with energy. The photons recharge the mitochondria that are powering your brain.

Who can benefit from using VieLight?

As there are a multitude of reasons why the brain might be feeling tired or foggy,
many people can benefit from the effects of VieLight.

People who most commonly use VieLight include:


Dementia, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s sufferers looking to improve symptoms


Adults, teens and children who experience a concussion (of any level) playing contact sports, or through an accident or fall


People with ongoing headaches, migraines, mood or behavioural issues, and those who have had a head injury at some point


Dementia, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s sufferers looking to improve symptoms


People who feel their fatigue is mental as well as physical


Executives and students in high-stress conditions, working or studying crazy hours and needing their brain constantly firing on all cylinders

How does VieLight work?

The VieLight headset and nose clips use photobiomodulation therapy (PBM) to help the body to reestablish balance. PBM is the use of specific wavelengths of low-level near (NIR) light to deliver energy to the mitochondria. Researchers believe PBM’s beneficial effects are derived from increases in cerebral blood flow and oxygen consumption.*

*Effects of Home Photobiomodulation Treatments on Cognitive and Behavioural Function, Cerebral Perfusion, and Resting-State Functional Connectivity in Patients with Dementia: A Pilot Trial by Linda L Chao PhD

Research has found transcranial-intranasal PBM to be a reliable and effective technology for non-invasive brain stimulation method, providing a resounding scientific yes to the following commonly asked questions about PBM:

1. Can light penetrate into the brain?
2. Does the brain respond to PBM?
3. Does the brain respond positively?

Research findings into VieLight
for Alzheimer’s, Dementia and
Parkinson’s Disease

There is some very positive research into the potential of PBM therapy as a viable home treatment for patients with dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Recent research findings:

Improved cognitive function in patients with mild to moderate dementia. This study involved 12 weeks of transcranial and intranasal nearinfrared PBM therapy.

Gait improvements in transcranial PBM over a nine-week period in Parkinson’s sufferers. This research supports other pre-clinical studies that suggest PBM could be a potential strategy against neurodegenerative diseases.

Preventative and brain-
enhancing effects of VieLight

By wearing a VieLight headset for 20 minutes 3 - 6 times per week, you can benefit from its preventative and brain-enhancing effects. These include:

  • Reduced inflammation in the body & brain

  • Improved blood flow in the body and brain

  • Optimising your brain’s performance — learn faster, be more productive at work and study harder.


Bounce Matters is one of the only Australian distributors of VieLight

Founder of Bounce Matters, Jo Grabyn, is a nutritional medicine specialist. She is among the first Australians to train with Dr Dale Bredesen on reversing cognitive decline in dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. Dr Dale Bredesen is an internationally-recognised neurologist and expert in the mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases. Jo is one of the few in Australia who can use the Bresden Protocol (also known as the MEND Protocol) to tackle and reverse — or prevent — the onset of early Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Learn more about Jo here

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