We all started here, but what
was going on in your parents
lives around the time you were
conceived & growing?

Whether it’s brain, mental or complex health concerns, through our consulting practices, we talk to you about every area of your life including:


Areas we discuss about YOU and Your Life:


We want to know how your body is operating and what symptoms you regularly experience.


We look at your current state of mental health, relationships, and stressors, as well as historical issues throughout your life.


We investigate whether your brain works the way it always has, or if you might be struggling with brain fog, concentration or memory issues.


We look at your full history of illness, disease, injury, surgeries, dental work, long-term medication and infection.

Family History

We discuss the physical and mental health issues of your parents, siblings, grandparents and other relatives on either side of your family tree.


We want to know if you have ever been exposed to toxins or mould at home, through hobbies, or through your work.


Next, we use diagnostic testing to help complete the picture
of your health, uncovering information about your:


Your diet, food allergies and intolerances, and how particular foods impact on your body and mind each day.


We complete bloodwork for various markers including vitamins, minerals, heavy metals, and more.


We use DNA profiling to understand the risk factors you were born with and might have been triggered during your life.


We look at stress, thyroid health and sex hormones.


Your digestion, gut health and function and your friendly vs pathogenic bacterial balance.


We look at your exposure to environmental pollutants, heavy metals and mould.

Looking at your history and test results, we develop a plan to get your health back on track. Focusing on your WHOLE health is about feeling the best you can possibly feel.

We develop an individualised program which includes diet, nutritional supplementation, lifestyle habits and mindset practices. We’ll also let you know which other therapies might be useful for you.

No matter your age or your health concern, we can help you put your puzzle back together again. Only better!


Jo offers an initial 20-minute telephone consultation to explore
if a WHOLE HEALTH approach is right for you.

If you would like to chat to see how I can help, call now to book an initial 20-minute phone
consultation on 1800 940 950.

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