After years of getting nowhere with numerous specialists, I decided to seek the help of Jo Grabyn. This is without doubt the best decision I have made.

Jo took the time to investigate what was going on for me at the deepest cellular level. I was given an individualised supplement and wellbeing program to which Jo continually made changes according to which stage of my recovery I was at.


As well as being helped from a physical perspective, I received emotional and spiritual support from Jo. I am now able to manage my stress and anxiety and I have gained more self-esteem and self-confidence. I have received holistic, individualized, and consistent support and guidance that has felt comfortable and realistic for me at every step of my journey.

The result?


I have regained my energy and for the first time in what seems forever – I am calm, positive and excited about my health, wellbeing and life! With the help and support of Jo, I have healed and will continue to heal myself both physically and spiritually.

Thank you for changing my life!

— Liz O’Donnell, Masters University Student