Suffering from strong anxiety and depression for over 10 years, my prescribed medication was increasing more and more, all the while my condition wasn’t really improving. I found Jo’s number on the internet, after frantically trying to find a “Plan B” or different approach as id experienced yet another anxiety filled weekend bringing me to my knees. It was a long weekend, and Jo was the only one of around 6 people to return my call on a public holiday- and I’m so glad she did.


After meeting Jo, I felt completely at ease talking with her- I felt comfortable telling her about my work-life, social life, my relationship and family history without hesitation. After describing my ongoing mental health issues, she offered many examples of others who had the same symptoms, and explained how they had improved their lives with several methods excluding prescribed medications.


After assessing my diet, level of exercise and relaxation time, Jo pointed out things were a little out of balance. After correcting these elements of my life, I noticed an improvement of my anxiety. I was then put on a few different nutritional supplements, which have the most amazing impact on my life. My anxiety has improved so much more than I could ever imagined – so much so, I no longer experience panic attacks, and have halved my prescribed medication.


Thanks to Jo, my businesses, my relationship, and my social life have all experienced a huge improvement. I still get anxious today, but with the supplementation, the tools learnt, and semi-regular one-on-one catch ups with Jo, I am able to keep it under control. I would strongly recommend Jo and Bounce Matters to anyone considering using her services.