A scarily common habit many of us suffer is lack of water consumption.  As you can see from the infographic above, we are over 60%  (more like 65-70%) water, so its pretty important to how we feel and function each day.

As the weather warms up, your water intake becomes even more important.  Sorry to tell you, coffee, doesn’t count, and fruit juice, soft drinks, and sports drinks are NOT a good alternative.  Coconut water is, but only after exercise due to its sugar content.

Here are a few signs that you are becoming dehydrated;

* dry, sticky mouth       * headaches       * fatigue / sleepiness       * irritability / mood swings       * poor concentration       * foggy thinking       * joint or back pain       * muscle cramps       * constipation       * sugar cravings       * dry skin       * pronounced wrinkles       * infrequent urination       * dark urine       * bad breath


Research has shown that moderate to severe dehydration can be as dangerous as drink-driving, given its impact on fatigue and energy (ie 2% dehydration = 10-30% drop in energy and performance).

The other thing to look out for, if you don’t drink much or any water, is confusing thirst for hunger – drink a big glass of water if you’re ‘starving hungry’ and wait 15-20mins before snacking, especially if the craving is for sweets or carbohydrate rich foods.  The water just might fill the gap and give you the energy boost you’re seeking!

So, MORE water please!  At least 2 extra glasses each day (unless you’re already drinking over 3 litres daily;)


Remember, sometimes getting healthy can actually be about slowing down, letting go of the stress & living life one breath, one movement and one moment at a time.

Keep smiling crew – if you can’t Smile, you can’t Bounce;)