A Health Plan – what the?  Yes, you know, a plan, a strategy, for your health now and future.  Many of us have business plans, financial plans, bucket lists of awesome adventures or experiences we want before we die, etc – BUT, they don’t happen if your health fails, if physically, you break.


Like any other plan, the best way to achieve it is to decide on your health goals.  Andwhat better time than while your setting all your other goals for the new year?!


A few questions to ask yourself as you start thinking about your health goals;
Do you actually take notice of what you eat and drink?
Is your body trying to tell you how it feels when you fuel it with certain things that your tongue likes but, other parts of your body don’t?
How much do you move?  Is it daily or once a week?  Do you sit all day or stand?
Are you sleeping well, or getting enough?
Have you been checking in with your stress? Physical, emotional, professional, etc.
Do you have the energy of Speedy Gonzalez or Jabba the Hutt?
Are you happy more than not?
Check out the list below for some ‘swaps’ that might help you fake it til you make it!


These are all signs of your general internal wellbeing.  Please reach out if you’d like to get a true picture of where you are now, and a clear path to the destination you want to reach.  Life’s too short to live in an unhappy body with an unhappy brain;)